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Fragrances to Enchant your Man!

fragrance to enchant your man

If you think that men don’t pay attention to the fragrance you are wearing, think again. Along with lacy lingerie’s, flirty hair tosses, and naughty text messages, your perfume is also an effective way to get his senses into haywire and to seduce him. Scent is a powerful thing that can make your man’s pulse race. Contrary to all belief, perfume really does have the power to turn on or off your man. Here are a few smells that men are more prone to.

Cinnamon fragrance


The first smell that is absolutely loved by men is that of cinnamon. Known for its erotic power, cinnamon has the ability to blow his mind and to drive him crazy through its tantalizing scent. Cinnamon doesn’t really have to be worn on the body to get the guy to fall for you. A hint of cinnamon oil on body while bathing will do the trick for you. Or you can have your house smelling of cinnamon too. Some scented candles, or some baking can get you that desired effect. Men are especially inclined towards the aroma of cinnamon in baked food. So you might want to give that a shot.

Vanilla fragrance


Another smell absolutely loved by men is that of vanilla to which they are hugely attracted to. It can be used in the same methods as that of cinnamon. It can be used in bath products; body scrubs and creams. Vanilla also comprises of the ability to increase sexual strength.  It has a sultry and exotic effect and will lure your partner effervescently. It can also be in the form of candles, air fresheners or even body care.

Lavender fragrance


Lavender is another fragrance used to seduce men. Known for its calming abilities, lavender can also result in a night of hot passion. It is often found in perfumes, or air fresheners, or deodorant sprays, and in oils too. Studies also suggest that lavender is an effective tool to overcome impotency in men. For a long time now, lavender has been associated with love and seduction because Cleopatra used its seductive powers to charm Julius Caeser and Mark Anthony.

Jasmine fragrance


Jasmine is also a fragrance which helps in increasing sexual desire. It has a very floral scent and is easily available in the market.

Sandalwood fragrance


Sandalwood is also a type of oil which has a very compelling smell and is used to boost sexual energy. But sandalwood should be used in a very minimal amount because it has a very gripping smell. Used in the right quantity and in the right place, these scents will for sure help you seduce your man and keep him from going astray.

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