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Alexandra Daddario Caused a Huge Stir With Her Shocking “Bed Sheet” Inspired Outfit

Alexandra Daddario
Photo: Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Alexandra Daddario never ceases to cause a stir online, especially when it comes to the outfits she wears for the camera.

The White Lotus star often gives her followers a look at what she likes to wear on social media, and her Instagram post from May 19 was no different. Uploading a mix of photos and videos, Alexandra caught people’s attention when she modeled a unique design. Standing in an empty room, she walked around while wearing a white long-sleeve dress with gloves, appearing like the two pieces seamlessly flowed together. The unexpected number also featured a puffed out skirt.

After she added black stiletto booties, a slick messy bun and bold eye makeup, the Percy Jackson alum couldn’t help but joke around about what she wore. “Summer is coming,” she captioned the snippet on the social media platform.

As Alexandra often gets a lot of response for her fashion choices, many couldn’t stop staring at what she chose to show off on Instagram. “Alex makes everything look great,” one person wrote in the comments. “Gorgeous snapshot 🔥❤️,” another added. “You’re gorgeous @alexandradaddario 😍,’ a different follower raved.

While some approved of the Mayfair Witches actress’ onscreen attire, others had mixed thoughts about it. “First video is giving Lizzie McGuire igloo dress,” one person penned, referencing an iconic moment from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. “Can I get my bed sheet back 😅,” someone else jested. “Is that made of [a] parachute?” another remarked.

Although Alexandra’s outfit raised eyebrows, she spoke out about her approach to fashion in September 2022. As she explained to Vanity Fair, she has become more open to exploring new trends as her career as gone on.

“I ‘m an actor and I like fashion, but my main concern was always being a better actress and the auditions and the work,” she told the outlet. “I think as I’ve gotten older, more confident in myself and my body and in wearing dresses and exploring fashion where I am willing to embrace it.”

Alexandra added: “I just feel like I ‘m sort of like everyone says, when you’re in your thirties as a woman, you feel the most confident and I do feel that way a little bit. I feel really lucky.”

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