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4 Tips to Take Care of Brittle Nails

A beautiful woman will definitely have a perfect nail. Perfect nails always need more attention to it. Some women are blessed with those perfect nails which are not easily chipped and break. However, many have brittle nails that split and crack easily.

It may be due to genetic causes, excessive manicure, detergents and low-quality nail polishes here are a few tips to take care of brittle nails.

  1. Keep your hands clean and don’t let your hands dirty. For this, you may wash hands with an antiseptic soap. Use hand sanitizers while you are on the go.
  2. The most important thing is that keep the area around the nails moisturized. Dry nails easily split and crack. Castor oil helps in softening nails.
  3. Mix some salt and teeth whitening powder in a container of lukewarm water and dip your fingers in it around 10-15 minutes. It very helps method. It softens your nail as well as help to brighten them.
  4. Use rubber gloves while doing the dishes or washing the clothes. This will not only protect your nails from going to nails brittle but will also remain safe from harmful chemicals.

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