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For a Cleaner, Smoother Blood Flow!

for a cleaner smoother blood flow

for a cleaner smoother blood flowEver felt like you’re the angriest bull in all of Spain? Have you felt like you were the epitome of strength in matters of fright flight and fight? Do you feel like you may be a likely patient of uncontrolled raging soaring blood pressure?

One of the leading causes of blood pressure is a diet rich in cholesterol and fatty acids. Cholesterol and Fatty acids accumulate on the vessel walls decreasing the space available for a steady flow of blood. An increased volume output over a low surface area results in the blood to flow with high pressure. Prevention of atherosclerosis can be done by limiting your intake of foods rich in oils and fats ad resorting to natural or baked/grilled cuisines.

Some variable that may worsen your preexisting condition of raging blood pressure are the use of cigarette smoke and alcohol. The curtailing oxygenated state of the body fluids drastically decreases and hence the heart pumps blood faster and added to the increased work load on the lungs consequently results in an increase in the blood pressure.

Another cause of increased blood pressure is the intake of a high salt diet. Salts such as Sodium and Chloride which are the essential components of the commonly found table salt have a high affinity for liquid retention. An increase in the consumption of salt will lead to higher volumes of blood and hence an increase in your blood pressure.

Causes of blood pressure and their prevention are linked as the best way for prevention is abstinence. One of the foremost principles is control. Restrict the amount of salt and cholesterol intake by controlling your diet pattern. Vegetable and naturally occurring foods either taken boiled, raw or least cooked can be a healthy source of prevention of increase in your blood pressure.

Conditions and their remedies vary from individual to individual. One must ensure that a patient suffering from hypertension must not illicit a response to an event of stress.  Any such patient must also learn and adapt to refraining and restraining themselves from deleterious habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Like the old Chinese proverb never goes out of fashion, prevention is indeed better than cure and that is just the mind set you need to overcome your condition.

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