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Tips for Packing for Cruise Vacation

For most of us, going on a cruise journey would be like dream of a lifetime. Those of us who are fortunate enough to get a chance to be planning a trip, packing for a cruise seem like one huge task. Definitely we want to make sure that we have everything packed and do not miss out on any vital object while packing for a cruise.

Packing for a cruise is poles apart from packing for a road trip; not only the nature of the journey is dissimilar but also it is going to be one of the memorable trips of a lifetime. While you may a hard time looking for a friend who knows how to do the packing for a cruise, read on and we will help you out.

Travel documents

First and foremost, have your travel documents (and a set of copies, just in case you need them sometime) in a handy place when you start packing for a cruise. Keep them in a handy yet secure place so that you can recover them as and when you need.


There is no way ever that you can do away without this essential item while packing for a cruise. Once you have a camera with you, you can preserve all the precious moments. There would be so many unexpected and awfully inspiring scenes that you would want to preserve with a click.


Of course, you are going to be bathing around in the sun. A cruise trip is a time to relax your tired nerves, so while packing for a cruise essentially get a good sunscreen so that you can protect your lovely skin while bathing in a cruise sun.


So you think you won’t be swimming around much, just because you don’t like it or you don’t know how to swim? Well it is not a good enough excuse. Even if you are not a deep water fish, you will be hanging out with the others in the water, so swimsuit is a must while packing for a cruise.

Casuals and formals

Check out your closet for the most comfortable casual dresses that you can adorn during the day and feel like enjoying yourself. Do not miss out on the classy formal dresses because cruise nights call for formal attire worn for the dining halls. Have costumes ready for both dress codes while packing for a cruise.


Most people are not comfortable with the idea of sharing their toiletries and many wouldn’t just settle on using regular soaps and shampoos available on cruise ships. So, if you are of the picky sort, carry along the necessary items that you cannot do away with while you are packing for a cruise.

Storage bags

Even though you didn’t plan on spending a fortune on shopping, you may end up getting your hands on a few items that you find on your way. You may carry an extra bag or a foldable storage space that you can use up in case your bag runs out of space while packing for a cruise on the way back home.


Whether it is regular medication that you take every day or it is for allergies and other specific health conditions, take along your medicines as deemed necessary. You will get the first aid stuff on the cruise so no need to worry about it while packing for a cruise.

Word of caution

While you may be really excited about a cruise trip, it is easy to let go off the weight limit while packing for a cruise. Make sure to check for the weight limit instructions and leave a little room for the last minute items while packing for a cruise.
In short, the wizard says that while packing for a cruise pack only the stuff you will be comfortable in and completely omit any selections that seem unnecessary. Do not be tempted whilst packing for a cruise to carry along everything that you like.

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