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Lindsay Lohan and Sister Aliana bonding at the Beach

Lindsay Lohan bonding at the Beach

Lindsay Lohan bonding at the BeachLindsay Lohan was spotted in California on Malibu beach with her sister Aliana, sources say that they were both bonding.

Both the sisters Lindsay Lohan and Aliana were all set for their bonding session at the beach. Lindsay had a black hat, sunglasses and was wearing a bikini under denim shorts. Aliana also had her sunglasses and she was wearing an aqua color bikini. Both the sisters were all set to soak up in the sun and bond with each other. This Sunday sister bonding also came right after the actress was investigating about a woman who accused her of battery.

According to sources Lindsay and her lawyer were launching an investigation against that woman named Marisa Sullivan Dugas. Lindsay Lohan’s publicist was also contacted to give an explanation for what was going on and he said that these activities were happening for quite a while now and also the fact that people need to understand that they cannot put up false police reports and accusations for fun. He also said that this is going to be a lesson for many who do that and also that this woman is going to live a tough life in the coming week.

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