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Tips for Women: How to Plan your Travel

Tips for women how to Plan your Travel

Travel Tips for Women

Planning trips has always been a problem especially for women. But don’t worry here comes the dose of fully funny ride to a joyous journey tips for the travel.

1. Destination of Travel

Take a deep breath and sit relaxed then decide the most important part of your travel which is the selection of the destination, never forget the budget point. But I am sure you must have saved some for this opportunity, because this is your turn to choose the place where you can enjoy and relax forgetting all the work tensions.

2. Itinerary Of The Travel

A list of places from where you pass or stay during travel before reaching the final place is very important along with details where and how much time are you going to spend. For this will make your trip very easy to follow up and will not waste any of time.

This also includes the planning of time span of the travel, to which you can divide days and hours accordingly.

3. Important Locations During Travel

If it is a work travel so can’t do anything about, but still you can get know how of the important and exciting places from internet or from friends and colleagues. So that in spare time you can have a walk and relax for a while.

But if it is a planned destination then you must know all the important places beforehand. So that you may be able to capture the whole location’s fun like parks, play places especially for children, clubs, important monuments and many others.

4. Important Documents For Traveling

Before leaving for travel you must check all your important documents like passport and insurance papers if you’re traveling abroad, boarding pass, and agenda diary for business trips and don’t forget the maps.

5. What To Pack For Travel

After you have planned where to go and how to go, the next step is to bag up important items to take along. So here is the check list for your reference and tick it if you’ve already done with it;

  • Lingerie: choose some nice and lacy options. Also add some sheer stockings in it.
  • Formal suits: Keep one suit and don’t forget to add an evening black shiny gown.
  • Separate clothing items: pair of jeans, t-shirts, tops etc.
  • Accessories: keep good shades, Bengals, earrings, belts and special clothing accessories like scarves.
  • Shoes: take 2-3 pairs of shoes, a formal office kind, and evening stilettos and easy go flats.
  • Outerwear: Take 1-2 long coats if you’re traveling in winters.
  • Leisure clothing: Take 1-2 swimwear or some sports suits.
  • First aid box: very important item keep medicines, band aids, gauzes for any emergency.
  • Toiletry: Keep all towels, tooth brush and sanitary essentials with you.
  • Electronics: like laptop, camera and mobiles etc:

6. How To Pack For Travel

Don’t just throw all the stuff just for the sake of quick packing. Take time and place all items one by one in the suitcase. First place all accessories like belts shoes etc keep placing paper tissues between all layers of the luggage, then place some suits in length then place shirts and pants within and then put all toiletry and lingerie. Keep each item sacked separately.

Take your important documents in your handbag. For laptop take a separate bag along with its own accessories. It’s done and you are ready to take flight. Have safe journey!

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