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Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both Turn up to Debate wearing Identical Hot Pink

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Hot Pink

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both appeared to be going after the women’s vote at the second presidential debate with an obvious fashion choice. The First Lady Michelle Obama wore a coat-style, hot pink dress while Mrs Romney wore a shift with capped sleeves in exactly the same shade. The wives of the presidential candidates took their seats as their husbands appeared on stage at Hofstra University in New York on Tuesday.

Ann Romney Debate Hot Pink

Twitter users suggested that both wives had chosen the color to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While Mrs Romney wore a necklace made of several strands of glass beads, the First Lady favored a single row of pearls. Obama’s biggest task tonight in the second presidential debate will be to woo back ‘waitress moms’ so crucial to his re-election, after a poll showed Mitt Romney has stole their votes in the first showdown and they are now neck and neck among women voters.

Michelle Obama Debate wearing Pink

According to a Gallup/USA Today poll of 12 swing states, Romney leads Obama by 12 points among men. But it is his surge among women voters to within one point of Obama that has given him a four-point overall lead that sets him on course to win the White House on November 6th. The poll, released on the eve of the second presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, marks an apparent end to months of double-digit Obama leads over Romney among women and has plunged Democrats into panic mode.

Unlike the first debate, the second meeting is in a ‘town hall’ format in which undecided ordinary voters – probably about a dozen – will pose questions. At least half of them are likely to be women. In addition, the debate will be moderated by a woman – CNN’s Candy Crowley. – Dailymail

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