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7 Tips To Keep Headaches Away

7 Tips To Keep Headaches Away

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? The reason may be stress or long working hours. It is important to prevent headaches because they can lead to migraine attacks.

Well, listed are some tips to keep headaches away. Read on the post below to know more about this.

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  1. Take short breaks

If your headache is work-related, then it is important to take short breaks in between. Like, close your eyes and rest for about five minutes or so. You can do that by sitting on your chair as well.

Just listen to your favorite song and relax. Short breaks do help to control work-related stress, which in turn prevent headache.

  1. Have small meals

Have small meals all through the day. Many times, headaches can be due to low blood sugar or low blood pressure. So, it is important to eat small meals throughout the day.

Having small meals will help to keep your blood sugar in control. Have meals and foods that are rich in protein and magnesium to stay active and fit. Having meals can also prevent that fuzzy feeling you have while at work.

  1. A massage works well

A massage works great to prevent and cure your headache. A head massage for fifteen minutes can relax your muscles. You can use essential oils for your head massage as well. Massage on the tension points to ease stress.

Massage on the temple area of your head. Prevent stress by a daily massage as it will help to ease your headache to a good extent.

  1. Have enough liquids

Dehydration is also one cause of headaches. If you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, it will cause the problem of dehydration. And that, in turn, may cause headaches. So, have at least two liters of water throughout the day.

Keep sipping fresh juices to stay hydrated. You also have an option of green tea. Increase your liquid intake in your diet to prevent headaches.

  1. Take a laptop break

Eye strain and looking at the screen for a long time can cause common headaches. Take a laptop break or screen break. While working on your system, simply look at some other direction after every five to ten minutes.

Looking at your monitor for a long time may also cause muscle stiffness in the neck area, which again causes headaches. So, take short breaks to avoid this.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis

Exercise may help to prevent headaches. Regular exercise makes your body flexible. So, you don’t suffer from the problem of muscle stiffness or muscle soreness which can cause common headaches.

Exercising for about an hour can really help you with your headaches. Exercise also increases the oxygen supply to your brain, which prevents headaches.

  1. Cut down on smoke and drink

Smoking and drinking cause a headache, so, it is good to cut down on both. Excessive smoking causes dehydration in the body which results in the headache. Drinking also causes blood pressure problems in the body.

Avoid drinking and smoking to prevent the problem of common headaches. Limit your smoke and drink if you can’t completely cut back on your health.

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