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Don’t Let your Dark Skin Go Unnoticed By These Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Dark SkinDark skin is beautiful and the key to maintaining dark skin tone is to know which particular makeup will look best on you. No matter what kind of skin tone you have, it is always advised to draw attention to the inner glow of your skin and apply less makeup. This is one advantage which girls of dark skin tone have. They are less susceptible to pimply skin, blackheads, and pigmentation spots that a fair skin always has to experience.

A few useful beauty tips for women with dark skin are as follows:

Foundation or concealing dark skin is easier. Always go for a water-based foundation if you have a dark skin. Cream foundation makes the overall look worse and the skin looks too oily. Use a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer before applying the concealer and that too a powdered one to bring on a smooth base. Honey based products can make the dark skin look yellow. Thus, avoid such items too.

Eye makeup for dark skin should be such that you use dark colors such as brown, prune, copper or dark metallic colors. On an evening party, you can use a dust of transparent powder over an eye shadow so that the overall look is a glowing one. Women who have dark complexion should avoid using eyeliner since it ruins the look of the eyes. Clear color mascara can be appropriate to give it a finished look.

Choose a rosy, deep orange or coral shade blushes to apply on your cheeks. Dark complexion women should never put on brown or peach shades. For evening parties, dark rose, plum or bronze shades look suitable and for night parties, gold blend shimmer will give a glamorous effect to your dark skin.

Lip color is essential when the makeup is being applied. Never use frost finish lipsticks; instead choose matte finished lipsticks if you have dark skin tone. Shades like soft pink, gold, berry shade, browns or burgundy will enhance your skin tone in a brilliant way. Always prepare a base with a lip balancer so that you can see f it is matching your eye makeup.

Do not worry if you have a dark skin tone. Dark skin is always preferable as it can endure the sun rays which create pigmentation. Also, these women have fewer blemishes under their eyes. If you treat your skin with care on initial stages, it remains healthy and fresh for very long.

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