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Benefits of a Vegetable Garden for Housewives

benefits of a vegetable garden for housewives

Vegetable Garden for HousewivesA vegetable garden is a great option for housewives to adopt as a hobby and spend time in a productive way when their children and husbands are not at home. For a vegetable garden you do not need to have a big backyard or lots of space. You can enjoy the hobby of vegetable garden in an apartment too just by developing you own tiny space in your terrace or balcony and calling it a vegetable garden.

There are many benefits of a vegetable garden. A few great benefits are:

Protecting Health

The food which you grow in your own vegetable garden is under your control. It is free from all types of artificial fertilizers and any kind of sprays for pesticides which makes the food from vegetable garden ideal for eating. You can have organic vegetables right from your very own vegetable garden anytime you want and with a surety to you that your vegetable garden is free from any harmful stuff and full of nutrition.


Just like many other housewives, you must be concerned with the health of your family and want to give them best quality products within a limited budget. Buying organic vegetables from markets can be very costly, in fact, almost double the amount that you pay for a normal vegetable at a market. Through your vegetable garden you can economize the situation and have as many organic vegetables from your vegetable garden as you want and in less than fraction of price which you pay for at the vegetable markets. Moreover, a vegetable garden contributes a lot to your annual savings as you have to spend barely on buying vegetables from the markets.


A vegetable garden is an excellent way to do workouts without actually getting into the hassle of being dressed up and going to a park or a gym. Working in a vegetable garden burns more that 400 calories on the average. It allows you to be close to nature and automatically do the aerobics and cardiovascular exercises by bending, leaning and hopping, stretching, walking. A vegetable garden is a perfect way to keep you body in a great shape with well-toned muscles.


A vegetable garden brings in a lot of pleasure and pride. You feel proud to eat what you have grown up yourself and you can impress your friends too. Also, the wonderful colors, different sizes, shapes and patterns of vegetables growing in the vegetable garden look extremely beautiful. In fact, you may feel that there’s no need to put flowers in your garden when your vegetable garden is so beautiful and productive.

Small Investment and Business

Your vegetable garden can be a source of income to you. You can start your own business from your vegetable garden just by sitting at home and selling organic vegetables. All you need to do for this is spread the word in neighborhood or a nearby market. If it gets more popular then you can expand it and take your business to local farm markets too.

Having a vegetable garden can be a very rewarding experience. It can bring you lots and lots of benefits at the same time and becomes one of the best hobbies. So, set your own vegetable garden today and just look at the wonderful surprises that it gives.

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