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Shaving Tips For Women

Shaving Tips

Shaving Amongst Women Became Popular During World War 2 When The Supply Of Nylon Stocking Ceased And Bare Legs Became A Trend. Women These Days Have Variety Of Options To Choose From When It Comes To Removing Hair Like Waxing Or Laser Hair Removal But Shaving Still Remains The Least Expensive Form Of Hair Removal Following Are Shaving Tips Which Would Help You To Ensure That You Are Doing It The Right Way And Would Also Help You To Prevents Cuts And Irritation Later On After You Are Done Shaving.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Women Shaving

1.Soften Skin Before Shaving:

The Skin Must Not Be Dry When You Start Shaving So To As To Avoid The Nicks And Cuts, So The First And The Foremost Thing Is To Wet The Skin (Preferably With Warm Water) So As To Soften The Skin With Heat And Moisture. Shaving Is A Natural Exfoliator So Shaving On Dry Skin Clogs The Razor With The Superficial Dead Skin And At The Same Time You Run The Risk Of Having Cuts And Razor Burns.

2.Shaving Creams:

Not What Many Don’t Know Is The Fact That The Shaving Creams For Men And The Women Is The Same,  However There Are Shaving Creams In The Market Specifically For Women But Is The Same Thing As A Normal Shaving Cream That Men Use And The Only Difference Is That Of The Scent. Shaving Creams Specifically For Women Are Expensive Also So Save Money And Go For The Other Shaving Creams. Make Sure That You Find The One With The Scent You Can Live On With.

3.Use Baby Oil Before Applying The Shaving Cream:

To Avoid Razor Burns After Shaving, Make Sure You Apply A Little Baby Oil Before Applying The Shaving Cream As It Not Only Lets You To Save Smoothly, But Also Saves You From The Irritation That Many Women Face Later On. You Can Also Use Olive Oil Instead Of Baby Oil.

4.Finding The Perfect Razor:

Finding The Perfect Razor Can Be An Ordeal So You Will Have To Experiment On Different Razors Before You Find The Perfect One For You. It’s Better To Ask For Recommendations From Friends About Which Razor They Use But An Ideal Razor Should Have A Lubricated Strip, 4 Blades And A Good Hand Grip So That The Razor Doesn’t Slip While Shaving.  After You Find The Perfect Razor For You, Make Sure That You Change The Razor Or Cartridges On Regular Basis To Avoid Nicks.

5.Exfoloaite Before Shaving:

It Is Very Important That You Exfoliate Your Skin Before Shaving As It Gets Rid Of The Dead Skin Which May Prevent You From Having A Closer Shave.

6.The Proper Way To Shave:

Since Your Hair Grow Downwards, It Is Essential To Start Shaving From The Ankles And Then Going Up. When Shaving Arm Pits, Be Very Careful As This Is A Very Sensitive Area And You Will Have To Very Gentle While Shaving Here. Do Not Shave By Applying A Lot Of Stress To The Skin. Hold The Razor In Such A Way That You Apply Little Stress To The Skin And Since The Hair In The Arm Pits Grow In Various Angles, You Will Need To Shave In Different Directions. When You Have Finished Shaving Apply Oil Or Moisturizer Moisturize The Glands Of The Skin Which Become Dry As A Result Of Shaving,

7.Some Other Tips:

To Avoid In Grown Hairs, Exfoliate Your Skin Daily. Consider The Option Of Waxing Because It Is Proven That If You Have Coarser Hair, It Won’t Grow Fast.


Apart From The Lower Legs And Bikini Line, Shaving The Other Parts Is A Much Cheaper And Faster Way To Remove Your Hair Provided You Follow Certain Tips To Avoid Problems.

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