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The Wondrous World of Blue Mascara

the wondrous world of blue mascara

Wondrous World of Blue Mascara

While looking for the benefits of colored makeup, blue mascara is one item not to be missed out on. This color is for those people who are looking for experimentation and wanting to add versatility and diversity in their usual makeup routine.

If looking for a way to bring in a new wave of change to your monotonous and repetitive makeup routine, then blue is the way to go. Blue mascara adds an extra zing to personality and makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Blue mascara comes in an array of shades. To find the perfect shade, one has to first look at the applicability and the usage to what the color has to be put to use. The first shade is electric blue mascara which makes your eyes appear big, bold and beautiful. This color ads depth to your eyelashes and makes them appear thicker.

Another color available is royal blue which brighten the eyes. This works best when applied at the tips of eyes to give just a hint of color. Navy blue is the third available color which gives the illusion of whiter eyes so it’s best when you are tired and want to give the illusion of being super active. It is very close to black so it’s difficult to tell whether you’re wearing colored mascara or not.

The key to wearing blue mascara is mixing it with the appropriate shades. Red lipstick doesn’t go well with blue mascara and would look clownish. Lipsticks with cool shades should be applied with blue mascara, such as plums, pinks and indigos which will work best with blue mascara. Frosted lipsticks also look very good with blue mascara for serene and composed look.

One must be sure to exude confidence while wearing blue mascara. If you are not confident while wearing it, it will give a very unsure and uncertain outlook. It is a very fun makeup tool to be added to your makeup kit and even if you don’t wear it everyday, once in a while would be enough to give you the edgy hip look to beat the tedium.

Blue mascara looks extremely fetching at night time. It is the magic in the fluttering blue mascara eyes that would make people fall for you and into the realms of your eyes.

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