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Lingerie Fashion Trends

lingerie fashion trends

lingerie fashion trendsFashion trends are not just confined to your outerwear that is your coats, scarves, tops, trousers etc. There is much more to it. In order to be completely called a fashionable personality you need to be selective and fashionable about your innerwear too. Fashion trends in lingerie are as popular as any other item of clothing. If you are wearing great lingerie then you will feel an inner confidence and it would make you feel not only good but a part of fashion trends.

Each season, lingerie has a lot to offer in fashion trends. Lingerie can be sexy, cute, casual, formal, sporty and of many other types. Moreover, lingerie can also be selected according to the moods that you have. It is just so sexy to shop for latest fashion trends in lingerie!

This year, the fashion trends in lingerie are as exotic as other fashion trends. Lots of variety ad sexy options are available to tickle your fancy. Let’s have a look at how you can select the best lingerie and be a part of sexy fashion trends this season.

Chic designs

Chic designs LingerieKaftans, baby dolls, flare pajamas, thongs, g-strings are a major part of lingerie fashion trends 2011. They all add an extra edge to your femininity and they are excellent for getting the ultimate seductive look.

Colors to fall for

Lingerie Colors for FallThis year; the hottest lingerie colors in demand are fresh green, bright yellow, sapphire blue and not to forget the all time hit deep red. Don’t be a boring aunt of yours who just likes to wear black, beige and white lingerie. Be bold and try out all the latest colors in the fashion trends.

Silk is the “in” thing

Silk LingerieYes, the fabric of the season for lingerie is silk. Any kind of silk would do. Chinese silk, satin silk, silk with chiffon, silk with Chantilly and much more. Just make sure that all your lingerie this year has a major part of silk in it backed up by lots of lace, chiffons and nets.

Geometric and computerized patterns

Geometric and Computerized PatternsApart from the polka dots, stripes and animal prints that are always a big welcome in lingerie fashion trends; there are a lot of abstract, geometric and computerized prints are very much in fashion. There is a lot of experimentation with abstract shapes and motifs inspired by the old classic paintings of the European artists. Also, classic embroidery designs and embellishments are a big part of the lingerie fashion for 2011.

Induce fascination

Lingerie FashionOff course, lingerie is all about enhancing femininity and elegance of a woman. But this time, the lingerie fashion trends are asking for even more. Be as much feminine as possible. Try out the elegant cuts, delicate strings, bows, embellished pleating, beautiful edgings etc. Try to go for the old and classic Victorian lingerie looks straight from a 19th century romantic novel.

Enjoy the naughtiness and twist of fashion trends in lingerie this year. Pamper yourself a bit and make your guy fall for you crazily. Get the ultimate seductive look of the season in lingerie by just following these few tips. Mix and match, feel special and loose the inner girl in you!

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