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5 Tips on How to Console a Man

5 Tips on How to Console a Man

Sorrows are part of life, but the way one deals with them is important. Women are emotionally stronger than men are. However, when something bad happens with men, they take time to move on. Consoling a man needs a stronger will. Listed here are some tips on how to console a man, read on.

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  1. Give him emotional support

Most men need it in the rough phase of life. Console him by giving him emotional support. Listen to what he has to say. Lend a patient ear to him and let him talk to you. This is the best way to comfort him. When a man walks out, he really feels light. It helps him to get over any situation in life.

  1. Comfort him physically

This does not mean you have to kiss him. It simply means hug him when he needs you the most. A comforting hug is the best way to console a man. Simply cuddle him and tell him that the rough patch of life will be over soon. One positive thought can help him to heal sooner.

  1. Light up the mood for him

Another best way to console him is by making him feel relaxed. Play his favorite CD or a song that he likes the most. Simply rent his favorite DVD to lighten up his mood. Make him feel relaxed by doing things that will help to divert attention. This will help to comfort him better.

  1. Ask him for help

Ask him if he needs any help. A simple assurance can also console him. The best way to console is to tell a man, that you are always there for him. No matter what the situation is, he will always find support in you.

  1. Go out with him

Console him by diverting his mind. Take him out to a place where he can feel relaxed. Take him to a place where he can feel complete peace of mind and tranquility. This is the best way to comfort a man.

A man needs emotional support when he is depressed. So, give him that support and help him to move on with life. – magforwomen

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