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Tips to Deal with Break Up

Companionship is perhaps mankind’s greatest asset. The idea of social, spiritual, physical and emotional support on once a complete stranger is marvelous. However enchanting and mesmerizing it might seem, relationships are synonymous to the proverb ‘the higher you rise, the harder you fall’. And it is a unanimously agreed concept that a break up can be one of the most emotionally and physically straining condition.

Heart break is one of the severest forms of cardiac pathologies. No form of radiation can detect it and the pain is the worst sort of angina. Worse than the pain is that feeling of hollowness that encompasses every heart break.

Breaking up at a critical point in your life can be damaging to your family and social life as well as your career and your physical condition. The first and the foremost thing to do is come to terms with it. It’s over and it’s never going to happen again! The worst thing that you can try and do to yourself is have the thought of reconciliation some where in the back of your head.

Get rid of it entirely. More important than erasing it off your mind is to destroy any sort of reminders. Throw away your presents or return them. Erase any evidence. Burn your letters and your pictures and from that day onwards decide adamantly to never look back. Trust me, its never worth it if it broke your heart.

Bring out the best in you. Appreciate yourself constantly. Tell yourself that your ex never deserved you. Get a haircut or go shopping. Get into a relationship with yourself. The best way of dealing with a break up is to start spending all your excess time on yourself.

Join a club or take up a hobby. Social activities will give you less time to think about your break up and will increase the opportunity of meeting some one new. It won’t ease the pain of a heart break but it will certainly take your mind off it.

It is never too easy to deal with a break up. Always consider it as a test of your strength and determination. Remember, that it was you and your companion that are or were breaking up. Not you, and never the essence of your existence.

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