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5 Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend Want You

Do you feel your desirability quotient for him has declined? Do you have to struggle to get his attention? Are questions and doubts like these constantly nagging your mind these days? If yes, it is probably time for some fair introspection. Demanding attention outright may take your guy further away, and you don’t want that to happen. In a relationship, issues like these are often tricky to handle. Listed here are some effective tips on how to make your boyfriend want you.

  1. Don’t make yourself over available to him

He probably knows you are always available for him, thus he takes you and your time for granted. Do things you enjoy doing on your own. Pursue your hobbies, work or studies without always amending your timetable for him. Guys respect girls who are organized and respect their work, rather than trailing behind them always. Balance is the key.

  1. Stop demanding for attention

All of us go through a phase of highs and lows; your boyfriend is also human. A lack of attention on his part does not always mean he is drifting away from you. Give him space and time. Be understanding, instead of nagging. Don’t disturb him if he is really caught up chalking important plans or work. He will notice these gestures, and start giving you attention naturally. Make sure to convey that you are around if he needs you, in the meanwhile.

  1. Plan fun activities together

You don’t always have to wait on your boyfriend to plan fun outings. Reveal your fun side, and take the lead in planning fun activities you enjoy indulging in together. It can be anything from a surprise trip to an amusement park you both love to adventure sports.

  1. Bond with his friends

Create a good bond with his friends. This does not mean you have to be around them for every baseball or football match they visit. Just try to create a comfortable and positive space between his close buddies and yourself. Hang around with his gang of friends on fun occasions.

  1. Look attractive, talk intelligent

A girl with ‘beauty and brains’, topped with a good sense of humor is an irresistible combination for any guy. Be informed about relevant issues. Have brief chats with him on topics that interest him. A good conversation almost always holds the attention of a guy.

You know your guy best. If not, try to know him. There are fine things that will get you closer to his likes and dislikes. Be natural and subtle while trying to make him want you. Things will eventually fall in place.

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