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What Women Want?

Men believe that women are from a different planet but this is not true. Women are simple creatures who want love, respect and care from men. Here, what they want:

Give respect: Important thing is that you give respect to your life partner through your actions. By listening to her opinions, interest, friends and mind, you give her honor which she deserves. Be honest, fair and kind in your dealings.

Relationship: When it comes to personal relationship, make it strong and successful. Instead of focusing on certain aspect, show her physically by touching that you care and you are there to share her joys and sorrows.

Be romantic: Always remember that women are romantic at heart. Spend time with her, light some candles in your bedroom and hold her hand. Tell her, ‘I love you.’ Men should also take women on movies, long drive and dinners etc to build a strong relationship. Bringing home flowers for no reason can also build a strong foundation of marriage.

Time is an essence: Relationship is not a bed of roses, it has its share of responsibility and this includes taking the time out for the man’s family and completing the chores. The success of a relationship demands that both the life partners should have to help each other at home by washing clothes, cleaning the room or cooking a nice dish for him.

Preparing dinner: You may not know how to cook a dinner but making a boil egg or frying few nuggets for your life partner can help you win a smile and romantic moments with him. It might show that you are thinking about ‘us’ on the hectic day.

Effective communication: Women are honest and vocal creatures who want to know frequently that they are loved and cherished by their men. Tell them that you are beautiful and have gorgeous eyes. Men should be grateful to their women about driving the kids to school, looking after them in times of sickness. Some effort and little communication heal many wounds in a relationship.

Keep consistency: This doesn’t refer to boredom in a relationship but means that women are craving for love in a relationship. The support of men can do wonders for women.

Mentally Engaged: Women want men to show interest in their passions be it a career, spots or a hobby. This also means paying attention to the little things like remembering the name of the movie or friend’s name.

Humorous perspective: Life partner should be humorous and funny. This doesn’t mean that he have to be a laughing stock but enjoy the minor blessings of life.

Challenger: Women like heroes; men who can come up with motive, achieve things in life. Life partners who stimulate each other to meet goals—have happier life.

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