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Induce trust to strengthen your RELATIONSHIP

Man is a social animal and is connected with one another through some relationship. Maslow’s hierarchy very rightly identifies human “Social” needs and wants.

Being in a relationship is vital for everyone rather being without it is impossible. Here by relationship I don’t mean the relationship of some beloved or marriage only. We all are in multiple relationships with people around us. Be they our parents, siblings, children, friends, seniors, neighbors and even the people we meet randomly.

Every one of us wish for a perfect relationship and we intend to do everything in our power to make the relationship work .We sacrifice and compromise every day of our life to somehow do what people expect us to do .Our desire to make a relationship work forces us to do things that we would have never even imagined to do otherwise. The surprising thing is that we feel satisfied and happy doing it for someone we love and adore.

The basic ingredient in the recipe of a perfect relationship is trust; if you have the capability to trust and be trustworthy then you are in for a lifetime comfortable relationship. We all know that we have to make compromises but be sure to do them with a clean heart and a smiling face.
The only thing that hinders the way of a relationship is being stubborn and stiff in opinion and ideas, a person should learn to sacrifice at times to get what we want in the end, and I mean we all know that “to gain something we have to lose something”.

Obviously there’s no need to be over protective or doubtful, but expressing what we feel is always necessary to keep what we consider precious and value above our own life.

Everyone of us need to be remembered in good memories after we are done here , and a person is remembered by the people he/she loved and cared and sacrificed for .The bonds that he made in his stay and the way he kept his relationship.

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