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Relationship Issues that are so Common but have Consequences


Every couple faces bumps in their relationship. If a couple is prepared for Relationship issues that eventually will arise and deal with them in a timely manner a storm can be avoided.

Relationship issues such as money, sex, and kids should be talked about before the big decision is made. Marriage is not something any one is prepared for. Every marriage experiences Relationship issues, couples who are successful have learned how to handle Relationship issues and keep their love life going.

Relationship issues stem from Communication Breakdown in the most major way. All relationship issues stem from poor communication skills. For that couples need to make time, an actual appointment with each other even if necessary. Put the cell phones on silent, put the kids to bed, and let the answering machine pick up your calls. Communicate while keeping your voice low, screaming or raising voice creates Relationship issues not solves them. Keep some basic politeness rules in mind while communicating so Relationship issues can be avoided.
A large part of communication is listening, so be sure your body language reflects that. If you make the other person feel like he is not getting any attention this will cause Relationship issues. That means, don’t doodle, look at your watch, pick at your nails, etc. Nod so the other person knows you’re getting the message and rephrase if necessary so the Relationship issues can be resolved and not become messier. If you’re right, the other can confirm, and if what the other person really meant was some thing else then you will have a chance to understand that. Relationship issues are no rocket science, talk to resolve. Civil conversation is the only way to deal with Relationship issues.

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