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Chace Crawford in Love with Karaoke

Chace Crawford

The 24-year old Chace Crawford love news with karaoke with the co-stars gossip girl is in the air these days.

The actor Chace Crawford is playing ‘Nate Archibald’ in the US show has revealed that he likes to sing karaoke with his co-star girl. Chace Crawford further explained that we don’t always remain in the group a lot of the time but when we got time we love to go for karaoke or for dinner and stuff like that. He always tries to spend as much time with karaoke as he can.

In Chace Crawford’s point of view, most of the cast are based on good singers, but Taylor Momsen is pursuing a music career and leading the way when it comes to karaoke.  Taylor Momsen is also playing Jenny Humphrey in the show. It seems that Chace Crawford feels for karaoke, as he considered it as very phenomenal, and insane.


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