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Manage a Good Relationship with your Boss

Managing a good and understandable working relationship is tactic thing. It is not easy to maintain a healthy and understandable working relationship especially with your boss.

Relations and relationships are the building blocks of one’s personality. It is a common saying that “a man is observe by the relations/ company he keeps”. So the relationships have a importance in our life. How you deal and manage your relationships depict your over all nature and personality.

Building  relation is not a big task but maintaining nd managing well with your relations are the real job. Unfortunately majority of us find I difficult to manage our relationships in a very good and effective way.

Relationship with your family and friends are of different type as compare to your working relationships. Your family and friends consider your problems, obstacles and weak points of your personality in a different and closer way but your working and professional relations hardly put an ear on these issues specially when it comes to your relationship with your boss.

Majority of the people find it hard to manage a good working relationship with their bosses. Sometime you act accordingly to your boss and receive appreciation but sometime you say “no” to your boss and don’t act wisely. It is not a good sign specially in terms of job security as your boss is the whole soul of all matters.

If you are the one who is facing the same problems, then read this article on how to manage a good working relationship with our boss.

Ideas on manage your boss:

  1. Boss is always right. At work place try to avoid by saying “ No” to your boss. If you face a difficult and unbearable situation regarding this, then you have to act wisely and according to the situation but by giving favor to your boss. This will not only add good points of you in your boss eyes but also build an understandable relationship with your boss.
  2. Give extra time and effort to build a good working relationship with your boss. Always try to impress your boss by your good wills and appreciable work.
  3. Display your potentials and skills which are appreciated by your boss and which you think are your real winning points. This will add a positivity and motivation towards your professional work.
  4. Always work on your boss’s priorities. Avoid your own priorities and decisions because this might irritate your boss and create negativity in your boss mind.
  5. Find the likes and dislikes of your boss. Find out his personal interests, hobbies and likings to impress him and to create closeness.
  6. Take your boss on tea or lunch. Discuss your problems, hurdles and issues regarding your office work in a friendly environment. This will create a mutual understanding between you and your boss which is very necessary to work effectively.
  7. Give occasional gifts and sentiments to your boss to win his heart and to create closeness in your relationship.
  8. It is also very important for you to know the goals and objectives of your organization and specially yours boss mind in this regard. Your boss need your good work and after all your good work will help in improving your grades, pay scale and promotions.
  9. Your boss is not right every time. Don’t say yes to every in’s and odd’s of your boss. Discuss and negotiate this with your boss in a friendly environment or when he is in a good mood.

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