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Love your Pets

Every relationship has its own uniqueness; our relationship with our pets is a kind of such thing that can’t be substituted with anything else.

Keeping pets like dogs, cats, chicks, peacock and other different birds is a common fervor nowadays. These pets require fewer expenses but great attention. They live like a family member among the person’s family and occupy their special place both in the house and in the hearts of the family members.

These pets help comforting loneliness’ and give good company as well. They became a reason to create a sense of responsibility in people because pets require attention especially when they are small, cuddly and playful. One of my pals has a cat in her house as a pet and the cat has several interests. She is fond of ice-cream, biscuits, pizzas and pastries. All the family members treat her as if she is a child. Girls are famous for keeping cats and boys for keeping dogs, because cats are thought to be cleaner and more feminine.

Living with animals is nothing new for people. They have been playing a pivotal role in the human life from the very beginning since the time of caveman. But as man became more urbane he began to exclude wild and farm animals from the city area. But those animals that prove good companions remained with them.

Yep! They are our dear pets and they become a part of our family-a family member. Everybody keeps pets according to her liking, nature and sometimes for necessity, like dogs make good watch dog, cats catch mice. Therefore in most parts of our country people rely on dogs. No matter if a person is a ‘have’ or ‘have not, everyone can keep dogs in their homes for the security reasons.

Some people love to have birds as pets because they make their relationship with nature. Among some classes there are people who are fond of keeping pigeons and taking care of their pigeons as a full time occupation.

Often the death of a beloved pet hits the owner hard, because of the deep love and understanding between them. This is because of a special relationship of love and attachment.  At such times a person needs a sympathetic ear to condole the loss of that wonderful and demonstrative relationship between him and his pet.

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