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Snoring – The Silent Relationship Killer

Not getting enough sleep can have great impact on your daily life routine and your relationship with your family and friends. There are many studies that have revealed the fact that snoring can and has destroyed relationships. Few people explain that snoring happens with age, few suggest that depression and overburden of work leads to snoring. But it is very difficult situation where snoring partner seek difficult to help oneself. Many people has said that they have even stopped dating  a person whom they found snoring problem which depict that it is a very serious problem which need to be address. It is much important to understand snoring is a multi-factorial and very serious issue. It is caused due to partially blockage of the airways which produce sound due to air flow in the back of your throat and cause it to vibrate.

Snoring affects quality of the sleep which might lead to affect their job performance, their relationship with friends and family, complete superiority and quality of health. Sleeping in the same bed along with your partner is very important to strengthens your relationship and keep it smooth and steady. Snoring can affect sex life very badly, suppose you wife snores at night, what next option now do you have? Rather than sleeping in the separate room, it is better if non snoring partner takes its blanket and pillows to the next room, say living room or their study and even to their kid’s room and came back to the bedroom in the morning. This technique will eventually help to keep relation smooth but it is necessary for snoring partner to take step toward proper medical treatment on right time. It is because daily therapy of this technique may cause anxiety, irritation and even depression to the non-snoring partner due to disturbed sleepy nights. Couples who feel reluctant to talk over this issue are actually trying to kill their relation with such communication gap. It is very important to discuss all stuffs with your partner even when you know it might hurt your partner’s feeling. It is better to discuss it rather than killing it.

It is very important for non-snoring partner to raise issue as a serious problem at a right time, in a right way. It should be come up as a problem with solutions rather than complains and disappointment. Snoring partner should take it very seriously and must seek medical help, in spite of declining this issue. It would be better if non-snoring partner helps and appreciate the efforts of snoring partner to take proper treatment and resolve this problem. It should be given full credit of taking such effective action to strong their relationship.

It is better to use powerful beeswax earplug while sleeping. It must be very noisy that could perform great job of shutting out loud noises including snoring. But do take care that you still need to hear alarm clocks and smoke detectors alarms. Other than this, try to use white noise machine. It also helps to reduce sound of snores.

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