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Top Five Christmas Holiday Spots in Europe

From shopping perspective Europe has immense Christmas markets expressed and embraced the spirit and enthusiasm. The Santa experience the most wonderfully advertised throughout Christmas. Finland is known as the “Fathers Christmas Home”. Europe gets extremely cold in this season and the best time for skiing and snowboarding. The famous countries for such activities are Bulgaria and Slovakia.. There are some elements which are celebrated almost everywhere including decoration of Christmas trees, exchanging of gifts, family get together followed by lunch and dinners, Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, carol evening concerts, display of native scenes, boulevards with lights, dozens of stalls, Christmas markets stocked with gift products, toys, candies, fairs, decorating malls, towers, gardens, waterfalls, streets, highways, churches, hotels etc.

Well there are many inspirational European destinations to visit in this peak time of season Places like Edinburg, Copen Hagen, Paris, Rome, Vienna and London are mostly visited but other places has turned out to be more inspiring and attractive spots from recreational perspective.

Top Five Destination Spots in Europe

1. London

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

London has always been the most famous spot for the tourists especially during the Christmas vacations. The city of London “England” is popular for hosting ample of midnight events throughout the Christmas month. However, the very famous “St. Paul Cathedral” hosts massive event on Eve and has more than 200 people in audience. The city allows the people not only to view the activities but also participates in wonderful events. Generally events are followed by exhibitions, fares, carol concerts, races etc.

Trafalgar Square always decorated beautifully on this occasion, regent street markets always become the center of attraction for viewers. The famous hotels like Regency hotel London, Central park hotel London, City hotel London and many more are mostly booked and chosen as a vacation resort. Events like Christmas carols in art theaters, skating at Somerset house ice rink,Hampton ice rink, movies aired in famous theaters like St.james theater, Richmond theaters, Christmas celebrations in convent garden, Seasonal traditions at homes, London zoo, Oxford and South molton street Christmas lights, Tower of London, Westfield London, Christmas fairs at Kingston town hall, white hall, concerts and coral performances at Brick Lane Music Hall and Royal Opera House and the favorite café of visitors choice “Rainforest Café” . All these spots are with visiting this season.

2. Athens

Athens Christmas
Christmas in Athens

The capital of Greece is yet another charming place to spend the Christmas holidays, well the city is quite famous because of its historical significance and the ancient brick buildings when covered with Christmas decorations make it a perfect place for tourists. From travelling perspective, Athens markets are good to purchase gift products. “Sytagma square” is in the central square of Athens and a must go shopping spot. Greece has always been a place to visit in summer season but now quickly become the popular destinations in recent years, because Christmas celebrations is expanding rapidly all over the world. It is not that much cold in Athens, the tourists can easily wander around the street markets for hours and hours. The “Sytagma Square” is the point where the Christmas are celebrated in full bloom, giant Christmas trees, fully light boulevards, the carol concerts, fairytale house, Santa clowns, Skating rinks are worth watching. Especially on this auspicious occasion “Christmas Magic World” is setup every year, it’s a market in village which encompasses everything whether children toys, accessories, electronic gadgets, sweets and candies, goody bags etc.

Badmin theaters one of the most visited theaters in Athens the 1st one in airing famous story telling performances, live shows, plays and musical evenings, carol singing which is also known as Kaland is a popular activity. The children participate actively in Christmas activity; they go door to door in order to collect the coins and candies. “Vassilopita” is baked in café and considered most delicious food item to eat. Household treats, cookies with walnuts, almonds, sausages, curd, cheese cakes are favorites to eat. The famous hotels visited by visitors include Apollo hotel, Aristoteles, Philippos hotel, Ilion hotel, Chic hotel, Blue sky hotel and many more.

3. Venice

Venice Christmas
Christmas in Vince

When we talk about the romantic city, how can we forget to mention the most romantic city of “Venice” well known for its cultural importance and identity. Especially popular for candling the Christmas concerts in the city, “St.Marks Basilica” mostly sited place by visitors and residential as well. In Venice the celebrations start from early December and lasts till Christmas Eve. “Hanukkah” is placed in Venice is deliberately celebrated in Ghetto which is segregated place in Europe and immensely visited place by tourist from far flung areas to experience the lightening effects, food stalls, fares and handcrafted festivals .

In second week of December, the national holiday is celebrated in whole country with the believe in “Virgen Mary Conception of Jesus” (8th December). In mid December – the famous Christmas market “Campo Santo Stefano” is filled with stalls comprising handicrafts, nativity crafts, toys, seasonal treats, beverages, food items, music enlighten the whole event. On 25th December, venetians celebrate the Christmas to their fullest. On the very next day, 26th December brings the “Saint Staphen Day” which is celebrated with great excitement in churches and people visit to view the nativity scenes over there. On 31st December – New Year Eve is the feast of “Saint Sylvester day” a huge fanfare is organized near Saint Marks Square where people make huge gathering and fireworks further adds to the beauty of event.

4. Transylvanian

Transylvanian Christmas
Christmas in Transylvanian

Transylvanian is the north eastern region of Rome, the region has once roots in hungry and now a major part of Transylvanian. This destination celebrates the Christmas with the blend of both origins. It’s a place “where tourists enjoy the mountainous Christmas because of diverse nationalities exist in this region. Different St.days celebrated from 30th November till the Christmas eve. Whereas “St Andrew day” is celebrated this is well known with the name of Halloweens in other part of country. “St Nicholas day” is celebrated on 6th December with the belief that this saint is familiarize with the modern western world and creates the curiosity amongst the children that what the Saint has to offer them in terms of wishes and gifts. On 20th  December “St.Lignatius day” celebrated as more of good meal day, when the household treats are decorated with dishes made of Pig and guests are invited over the meal. On 25th December the Big day is celebrated with Carolers go about singing with artistic star in hands. However, the local customs are followed accordingly in respective towns and cities of the town.

Famous spots to visit are Black church, Bran castle, Carpathiar Mountains, Sighisoars (town) and many others places are worth visiting. The food cooked on this special occasion of Christmas are pork based, sausages, salami, meat, pork steaks, cakes, cheese muffins, pickles, bacon, apples, red /white vine etc.

5. Andalucía

Andalucía Christmas
Christmas in Andalucía

Spain celebrates the Christmas festive like others but in slight different way. Spanish celebrations are mostly family oriented get together. This country has given significance because the importance it pay in collaborating with different Ngo’s, Organizations, churches, university graduates, families, across the country to promote the nativity scenes of Jesus and Mary through live shows, contests and publically placed hoardings and displays. Andalucía has huge commercial centers, hyper marts, restraunts, theaters, museums of architectural significance. Spanish style cooking is world famous especially a “Gypsy community” is well known for maintaining close family ties through their lick able cooking style. All “Food day” is celebrated in mid December and lasts till 1st week of January. Foods popular in this country are smoked salmon, all sorts of seafood, meats, cured, roasted lamb/turkey etc. “Verdiales festivals “are popular for folk music based concerts and bright costumes wear by entertainers. Spanish community (Andalucians) famous for enjoying long course meals with their belonged on “New year Eve. The “Village Higuera” is place to visit if one wants to view the community acts/plays by the locals depicting the scenes of bible on December 5th.

Special occasion includes the “Three Kings visit” ( Melchior, Gaspar, Baithas) to every town, village and city in Andalucía’s and make parade, these majesties come with hand full of sweets and distribute them amongst the people. on January 5th children leave their shoes outside their homes or hang them on trees the kings “El Dia Reyes” leave the gifts in children shoes .then on 6th January breakfast with the three kings is a special occasion known as “Children day”.  Special cake “Roscon De Los Reyes” is baked at home of the one who finds the prize suppose to be the king / queen for the day and who receive an unlucky bean expected to pay for next year kings cake.

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