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5 Ways to Wear Hair Extensions

Do you love wearing hair extensions? Then learn the right method to wear them. You might not be aware of the fact that hair extensions, if not worn properly, can cause hair damage. There is a correct procedure to follow when wearing hair extensions. Listed here are some ways for wearing hair extensions. Read on to know more.

1. Choose the right type of hair extensions

It is important to decide the type of hair extensions since there are many to choose from. This includes natural straight, curly synthetic, Italian weave and wavy extensions. Choose a particular hair extension and decide the method of application. Apply it with glue or clips which are available. Many women choose clip on hair extensions that is easy to wear.

2. Try the long side extension or pony

If you really love the long hair look, then clip natural extensions on hair. Blow-dry hair and make a parting at the backside. Now, with the help of clip or glue, apply the extensions on the backside. For the pony look, apply the extensions carefully since it requires proper hair section. If you choose the side pony look, then select a particular side and apply the hair extensions. Fringe hair extensions look really good with long hair extensions.

3. Try the side bun method for hair extensions

The side bun method is getting popular with hair extensions. It is simple to wear these extensions. Make a side pony and secure the hair extensions with the help of pins in this pony. Now, twist your hair in the bun. This is the easiest way to get a side bun. The look is ideal for party and social occasions.

4. Try the high pony look

Choose the high pony look in hair extensions. You need to make a high pony and comb your hair from the front side for this look. Now, with the help of pins, secure a pony hair extension to a natural pony. Get that high pony look in no time. This really works for a cool casual look. Do apply proper pins for this type of hair extension.

5. Try the side braided look

The side braided look is quite in trend. Take your hair on a single side and secure natural hair extensions with the help of pins. Now, braid the entire portion. This appears natural as you braid the extension. Secure it with the help of pins. Look good naturally with these hair extensions.

Go ahead and try the above hair extensions. All the best!

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