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Relationship Advice for Women from Men

We often see in a relationship that all the blame game is normally on the guys. Women usually do not even think of the fact that they are also a very important building block of the relationship Things that a woman does or does not do matter a lot when it comes to a man in a Relationship with her. Women should take a minute and think about all the things that could be needed by their men, not just in bed but, in a relationship generally.

Sometimes it does seem hard for the female gender to understand the male psyche owing to the less expressive nature of the men. The best thing to do in such a situation is to take relationship advice for women from men. Always keep in mind that you both are the pillars of the relationship and the needs of you two are equally important. Here are some things that can be done by women to make the relationship beautiful for men too.

1) Stop The Nagging: There is nothing more annoying to a man than an overly attached and nagging girlfriend. What women really do is that they send millions of texts just to know where the man is or what he is up to. A major problem comes in when the man does not reply on time. What men always claim is that they were really busy, which they probably were. So, relationship advice for women from men regarding this is, just calm down and leave it. He will come back home to you no matter what.

2) Initiate Plans: It is thought customary of men to make a plan. However, men really appreciate if a woman in a relationship with them initiates plans and makes them for the men. It could be a mainstream date night, a movie outing, a cooking day together or even a game (which you women might seriously think to be boring) but, you can do it for your man, right? Anything that could be special for your man, try it out for the next plan.

3) Stop it With the Riddles: The universal problem of men not reading your mind is always there, so just face it. Men cannot read your mind so make sure that whatever is bothering you, say it on their face. There is no harm in letting the significant other know how and what you feel about a certain situation. Relationship advice for women from men is that stop it with the riddles already, as it creates a lot of miscommunication, misunderstanding and fights for no reason.

4) A Day Out With His Guys? Totally OK: Just like you always need an all-girls night out for shopping and salon from time to time, men also need their time out with the guys. Unrealistic expectations that they do not have a life out of this relationship and will only come to you, will not work out for you ever. Get your facts straight: A little outing for men with their boys will not do you any harm but will bring you both closer owing to the fact that you both missed each other.

5) They Can Have Friends from Both Genders, relax! The one thing that really make a man go mad in a relationship is when their women keeps on suspecting him of a relationship with one of his female friends. In some cases, women do not even allow their men to have a friendly relationship with the opposite sex. Men feel degraded when women do this because the trust you have in them comes into play here. Give the guy a break! It is perfectly normal to have friends from the other gender apart from you. You will always hold the special position owing to the relationship advice for women from men.

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