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Warning Signs That your Marriage is in Trouble

These days everybody is aware of the daunting statistics about divorces that is 50 percent of the marriages end in divorces. A marital relationship ends in divorce because both the partners are negligent about their relationship. A person whether its wife or husband, needs to be careful about their relationships. If the husband and wife both take their relationship seriously, they will be able to identify problems before it’s too late. Here are some warning signs to inform you if your marriage is in trouble.

• When You Can’t Find Anything Common

Living in silence under the same roof with your partner is a sign that your marriage is in trouble. That is a warning sign because your partner is not engaging in any sort of conversations with you and you both are treating each other as strangers.

• You Can Do No Right

If you feel that your every action is being watched by your partner and he/she criticize you without any reason then it’s a clear-cut sign that your marriage is in trouble because by doing this your partner is giving you this impression that you cannot do anything right.

• Last to Know

Your marriage is in trouble when your partner no longer share any sort of information with you. This information could be about his career, personal problems or personal achievements.

• A Sudden Change in Appearance

If your partner care for you and is happy with the marriage, he will dress up and be hygiene conscious when you he/she is around you but if he starts taking these things lightly then it’s a warning sign.

• Random Arguments

If you see your partner looking for every single opportunity to involve in an argument with you then your marriage is in trouble because arguments creates a distant space between the couple.

• Looking for Distractions

Looking for distractions from the problems is another warning sign that your marriage is in trouble because if your partner rather than talking to you is watching TV or hiding his head under a book, then he definitely does not find a solutions to your problems. In a case like this when your partners is looking for distractions from a problem then you should talk to him/her.

• Relationship Is Bound On Being Roommates Only

If your relationship is just bound to being roommates only then it’s a warning sign because otherwise partners share information with one another and also do some other stuff together.

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