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Nutrition for Hair: 10 Foods for Strong Hair

You may want to rely on hair treatments, hair gels, hair oils, shampoos; conditioners for their beauty and health but there are certain foods which provide nutrition for hair that play the key role in improving the outlook of your hair as well their strength and health. According to dermatologists you need to increase the intake of such foods to get strong hair instead of any chemical hair products like shampoos, conditioners, gels etc when you face problems like hair loss, dryness, damaging of hair etc since they contain those nutrients that you may lack in your diet and their deficiencies cause hair and other problems.

List of 10 foods for strong hair nutrition for hair:

1. Salmon:

Salmon stands on number one in the lists of hair nutrition foods as it contains high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, iron and proteins that are good for scalp health hence making your hair healthy and shiny.

2. Lentils and Beans:

Lentils and beans are effective foods for strong hair. They are sources of protein, zinc, biotin and iron that lend growth and strength to the hair.  Hairs with deficiency of these nutrients are dull, dry and damaged.

3. Carrots:

These healthy rabbit food are great nutrition for hair. Carrots are extremely essential and good for scalp and hair strength due to the vitamins they contain. Carrots can be added to one’s diet in any form and yet be effective enough.

4. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil can be used for hair treatments for dry and damaged hair, this natural ingredient can lend a lot of strength to your hair and help to fix breakage. If you mass age your hair twice or even once a week with coconut oil you are likely to prevent your hair from any hair fall, split ends and dandruff that will again make your hair strong.

5. Low Fat Dairy Products:

Low fat dairy products like yoghurt are also great foods for strong hair as they contain Vitamins, Cesium, Calcium, and proteins etc. that make your hair strong and healthy.

6. Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are sources of vitamins A and C, iron and calcium hence fall in the category of foods for strong hair. They help your scalp to produce Sebum which is good for your hair.

7. Eggs:

Eggs are great sources of proteins that your hair need in large quantities hence these small looking things are great foods for strong hair. You can use them in your diet or can massage egg yolk directly in your hair scalp and wash them after 15 minutes.

8. Honey:

Honey is one of the foods for strong hair. They contain nutrients that give shine and strength to your hair.

9. Peas:

Peas are great sources of potassium and carbohydrates. They keep your hair healthy, shiny, and free from damage and hair fall.

10. Walnuts:

Walnuts contain vitamin E and healthy fats that are essential for your hair growth, strength and shine.

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