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Sibling Relations are Forever

Our siblings are a loving and caring relation that lasts forever.

Sibling relationships are often the most stable and longest lasting healthy relationships that we will have throughout our life.

This is a relationship that goes through many ups and downs and takes on the test of time, yet it is a loving, caring, tolerant and highly successful relationship.

Sibling relationships go through many phases in life. Usually the childhood phase in this relationship is full of competition, jealousy, and care and love at the same time. The older sibling usually takes charge of the relationship. He/She can take care of the younger child, especially if there is a larger age gap, and so the oler child is able to steer the relationship the way they want.

In middle life, siblings usually drift apart, in pursuit of careers and employment and in search of love and family. Therefore the relationship comes to a standby.

The relationship then revives itself, later in life, when siblings get older, because they share memories and the same family background. Various occasions, birth of children, marriages, and deaths in the family help to bring siblings together, and they get the chance to relive the ‘good old ddays’. These memories and reminiscence helps bring siblings closer together. It is this stage of old age, when siblings feel the need to bond with each other. Research has shown that in old age, people who have contact with their family and siblings, have a lower rate of depression and live longer.

Al beit this relationship goes through many stages, just like any other loving relationship, but the sibling bond is the closest we will ever experience and it lasts throughout our lives. In fact we know our siblings longer than we will know our parents. The sibling relationship allows everyone to have a constant friends throughout their lives, through thick and thin.

So if you have an estranged brother or sister, take the time and make the effort to establish the best of relations with them and form a healthy relationship, so that both of you will always have a loving and caring relationship to fall back on!

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