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Kick off Winter Itching

Kick off Winter Itching

Winter itching is the issue of almost all of us when we start putting on woollen and warm clothes. There is nothing worse than this winter itching and rash that engulfs our skin and body during cold winter days.

One of the basic skin problems in winter is skin itching. The reason is absence of humidity during winter that makes skin dry and scaly hence weather sensitive and when woolen or warm stuff comes in contact of such weather sensitive skin, itching starts.

With increasing cold we look forward to warm winter clothing and put on warm long socks, woolen trousers, shirts, blouses, suspenders, sweaters, blazers, scarves and even warm lingerie. In any way, we can’t get rid of warm stuff that is essential part of winter clothing to stay warm and safe. But the girls and women who are allergic to woolen stuff find no better option and variety to go with. So, they grab same stuff in trend for their beauty and style. But when winter itching becomes irresistible they sadly put that on shelves of their wardrobe and look for soothing light fabric.

But you don’t need to worry about winter itching. There are some useful tips to relieve that may help you to have your favorite stuff on to stay warm and safe.

Tips to remain itch free:

  • First of all look for skin care. Buy skin and body winter beauty products that suit your skin type
  • Massage your body with oils that may remove skin dryness
  • Give your body a facial make over with crucial body care products
  • Eat healthy food which is rich in vitamin A such as eggs, cod liver oil, sesame oil and soybean
  • Eat dry fruits like walnut and peanuts because they contain fatty acids like linoleic acid which prevents skin dryness and hence makes it itch free
  • Apply  aloe Vera gell to your burning skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and treats itchy skin well
  • Avoid bathing with very hot water as it makes your skin prone to dryness and creates intense sensation instead take bath with warm water and apply body oil gently to your whole body before taking on clothes
  • If you are allergic to wool then keep in mind to wear soothing cotton or lined pants and shirts. You may also go with underlying light high performance fleece before wearing woolen clothes. It will prevent warm stuff touching your skin and keeping it itch free

So, kick off winter itching with these tips in mind and go ahead with your favorite woolen stuff.

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