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How to Begin Disciplining your One Year Old

As a baby becomes 1-year-old and start doing new things, most parents start to focus about how best to discipline their child. It would be a nice parenting move to think about basic discipline and manners for your child, but it requires a lot of patience while dealing with your toddler. Good discipline in your 1-year-old child requires parenting creativity, consistency and dedication.

While working out your parenting plan to discipline your child, it is very important to keep one thing in mind that they have a very short memory and are highly impulsive and inquisitive. By creative parenting techniques, you can mould them according to your way, but it is important for you to understand that toddlers are not purposefully disobeying the rules to get you mad.

Use simple sentences

Use easy to understand sentences with your toddler so that he can pick up your idea.

Allow them to make choice

If your toddler is resisting wearing dress, take a smart parenting move and give him choice to pick from two or three outfits. In this way he will learn discipline and it will be easier for you to handle the situation.

Use “WE” attitude

One of the smart parenting tips is to use WE while talking to your toddler. When you include yourself in the activity, this makes your discipline rules sound less like demands and more like expectations.

Don’t expect him to sit quietly

Even if you are doing proper parenting and are training your child with basic manners, don’t expect a 1-year-old to sit quietly amid adult conversations. The more reasonable way of parenting is to sit with them and show your involvement so they can play calmly.

Become a role model

One of the basic blocks of parenting is to make yourself a role model for your child. If you want your toddler to learn discipline, it is very important for you to be indiscipline in your daily tasks. If you pick a negative parenting way of yelling and screaming at your 1-year-old, your child will learn that this is how we handle frustrating situations. If you adopt positive parenting and remain calm with your child, he will learn to behave well in the future.

Though, parenting is very challenging with a toddler, but gentle discipline will pay off in the end.

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