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Gift Ideas for your Father on Father’s Day

As father’s day is just around the corner and everybody is trying to find perfect gift for their fathers, grandfathers, uncles or any other father figure so we cannot ignore the importance of knowing your father’s  personality, his likes and dislikes.

These days everybody goes extra mile ahead and thinks out of the box just to stand out and be a little more creative with these presents. Putting some extra thought in a gift makes it more special and exceptional. There are different types of fathers some are tech savvy and some old fashioned. But this year one cannot gift them a tie or a pen.

Thinking out of a box and being creative is the key. Knowing the type of your dad and his choice can help in the process of selecting the best present. Some fathers are easy to shop for, they have small basic needs and low expectations but on the other hand some dads are very picky and selective about their choices, they have small habits which should be kept in mind before buying stuff for them.
Some dads are low maintenance but it doesn’t mean that they will not love a present or surprise from their kids on father’s day. A present on father’s day is a sign of affection, love, care and mostly a way to celebrate this relation on one day in a year.

If you know what type of father you have, if he is geeky and loves new technological devices then we’ll give you details of all updated devices which will be suitable for him. If he is an old grace admirer type then we can give you options from where you can choose classy antique presents for him which he will cherish.

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea For Tech-Savvy Dad

Great gadgets which you can pick for your dad starts from latest Mini Ipad, to new Samsung Galaxy Phone, wireless laser mouse, matt alarm clock, a small scanner, USB attached with coffee mug, new multitasked extension, boom speakers to a DSLR camera. If your dad is a music lover and also likes to stay updated regarding his emails and social networking forums then nothing is better than new Mini Ipad or a small tablet. Phone is also a good choice as he’ll be using it in a long run and it will stay with him as a reminder and it will be used and appreciated by your dad.

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea For Classy Dad

A classic watch or a new copy of his favorite book or his favorite perfume or a rocking chair for him to read on or a cutting board and utensils for his cooking ventures or a fabric softener in stock or saloon treatment for a whole day or a tour to his favorite news show studio or a premium grilling set or a trilogy DVD set of his much loved movie can be a great gift for classic dad. Here the key is to customize the gift, if you are giving him a leather wallet and a key chain then get his name initials or his favorite quote engraved in it.

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea For Handy Dad

For a handy and practical dad a box of toolbox would be best. He can also like an emergency tool kit or a personalized hygiene and rescue kit. If your dad is fond of his car then getting new rims or an extra bumper or getting a personalized name plate can cheer him up. Just do your research right and lock on one item after that look for great quality. If your father is into gardening then getting him a high quality kit with new metal tools is a great idea. Also installing a book shelf or a cupboard in his study with a wish or quote engraved on its top is a brilliant idea to wish him father’s day.

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