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5 Ways To Act Playful With Your Boyfriend

Can love survive without eternity? Can romance survive without passion and playfulness? Your answer would be “no.” To keep the fire in a relationship burning, it is important to spice up your relationship. When was the last time you did something playful with your boyfriend? Don’t remember? Okay. Then surprise him today. Here are some ways to act playful with your boyfriend, read on.

  1. Dance for your boyfriend

Have you ever danced for your boyfriend? If not, then do it now. Act playful with him by dancing for him. This can surely turn him on. Your boyfriend would love to see you dance and tease. Men get instantly attentive with this action. Invite your boyfriend to join you in the fun and spice up the romance.

  1. Blow secret kisses

This is another playful thing to do with your boyfriend. Simply blow out kisses to him without reasons. He might be amazed, but he will definitely like your gesture. It is good to do such things once in a while to keep the relationship going. Act playful with him by simply giving him a peck on his cheek.

  1. Have a food fight with your boyfriend

It does sound silly, but believe us it is real fun. Just have a silly food fight with your boyfriend; this can really turn him on. He will always cherish this moment he had with you. Use cakes or chocolates to act playful with him.

  1. Tickle him or have fun with him

Have you tried tickling your boyfriend to act playful with him? Do it and see how he reacts. He will surely love your act. Simply tickle him or nibble him on his ears. This can really make him ask for more. This will help to make your love relationship stronger. So try this the next time and see the difference.

  1. Take his pictures

Randomly take his pictures in different moods. Act playful with him by giving effects to those pictures. This will surely be interesting for him. He would love to see more of you then. Give funny effects to pictures if you want to have some fun.

Act playful with your boyfriend and ignite the lost passion in your relationship.

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