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How to Get Him to Breakup with You?

Breaking up with your boyfriend is never easy, especially when you are emotionally attached to him. We are sure, you might have your share of reasons to get him to break up with you. It will hurt him, but then he will move on with his life. Enlisted here are some tips on how to get him to break up with you, read on.

1. Act indifferently with him

Do not be your usual self, if you want him to break up with you. Behave indifferently, talk about things that might hurt him. He will really feel bad. But then you want him to move on, right? Act indifferently and do not react to his talks.

2. Do not react

You want him to dump you, then you need to play it hard. When he says he loves you, do not react. This will really make him think. When he wants you to say the same thing, simply ignore him. He will feel bad and think that you have changed a lot.

3. Stop showing care and affection

Stop showing usual care and affection towards him. It will definitely make him think again. This is the best way to get him to break up with you. He would definitely think that you are not the same person he loved. This move can make him reconsider the relationship.

4. Avoid his calls and messages

A simple way to make him dump you is to avoid his calls. Simply disconnect his call or do not answer his message. It will make him wonder, why you are behaving in such away. If he confronts you, tell him you guys are not meant to be together. Simply tell him to move on.

5. Do not comfort him or sympathize with him

If you want him to dump you, then simply do not comfort him. If he tells you his share of problems, choose to ignore them. Do not sympathize with him in any given situation. It will make him think about the relationship. Tell him you do not love him anymore, and he should move on with his life.

Simply start ignoring him, and he will break up with you. We know, it is not so easy but the best bet would be to move on and stay happy.

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