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Signs He is Interested in You

Signs That Man Is Interested In You

Leaving your heart to a cute guy is not enough. Before falling in love a girl has to make sure that the guy is also interested in her. What’s the point of crying for someone who never ever loved you? If your man of your dreams is sitting right across from you at a table in a coffee shop and his eyes meet you then he horridly get them back to his drink, was that a genial for you? Mind of males in the modern world are not easy to read. Getting to know what about the nonverbal communication of males is of great importance for girls. To win the game of love, girls have to be very careful in understanding the signals men give out.

The following seven signs may get you lucky in finding out if he is Interested in you:

1. Does he leaning towards you? One most common and easily distinguishable sign of a man’s interest in you is that his body will lean towards you. The way he moves may become more subtle or very close. This is a man’s way of letting you know that he is interested in you and he would like to be even closer. A man usually shows his interest in her girl by being real close to her. So if any of your male friends is suddenly getting so physically close to you then take it as a sign that he might be trying to get romantically involved with you.

2. What do his eyes say? You may have heard the famous proverb which says, “The eyes are the window to the soul”. They are the best way to show your interest and love for someone. If a guy is staring at you constantly and not even bothering to blink then take it as a signal for you. Love is certainly knocking at your door when gaze of a man is lingering on your face. The best to do at that moment is to return his romantic gaze with a smile and grab the opportunity to let him know that you are interested too. Once the message is across, men don’t really take long to be at your side.

3. Does he try to touch you? Touching is one of the most special ways of man to show you that he is interested in you. If he is interested he won’t let any opportunity of touching you pass by. You may find his hand on your hand, leg, arm or even knee. It’s his way to telling you that he is interested in you.

4. Does he meet you coincidentally? Serendipity is never out of question. All of us like those happy accidents but what if they are not accidental but planned? If you are seeing a man bumping in to you at all of your favorite coffee shops and restaurants or shopping malls then there is a chance that he is doing it deliberately to develop a connection with you.

5. Is he attentive to you? If a man is giving his undivided attention to women, it’s a clear sign that he likes to hear what you are saying. Men always like to talk about themselves, their achievements, sports, politics and things which are of their interest. If a man is silent and obediently listening to your emotional or even illogical discussion then he is certainly doing it out of love for you.

6. Is he interested in your activities? If a man is showing interest in watching a movie of your choice or going out with you for shopping then the game is on for you! Making a man listen to you while he is playing or watching a game is simply impossible. Only a man truly in love would listen to his girl or show interest in her while there is a baseball match going on.

7. Does he laugh at your joke? Men are often very sensitive about their sense of humor, so if a man is being generous enough to laugh at your jokes, then is sure that he is showing his interest in you. And if you think he is laughing even on your lame jokes then it’s guaranteed that he is in love with you. His hearty laughter confirms that he genuinely admires you and loves you.

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