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Is Dating Important For Relationship

Today, if you are going to meet someone special or he has offered you to spend some time with him alone, it means you are going to have a date…Yes, a date!

Dating” simply means to meet each other with the aim of  knowing each other. It is an act that two people undertake with the aim of knowing or assessing each other to be a better life partner for an intimate relationship or just a friend. But many questions arise here before upholding this activity, as such:

  • Is dating important for your relationship?
  • Are you really going to drive out some better results of it?
  • Is it a standard yardstick to judge other person’s affiliations?

The answer of all these questions will surely come to you if you become a little sensible, that is, If you are going to have a date first time. No one is going to force you and no one is going to stop you.  So, make some resolutions and then, in the light of these resolutions, think that are you mature enough to judge your relation or the person you are going to date. Hopefully, the answer is “no”.

Let’s take other case now i.e. you have experienced one or two dates before then you may come to know very clearly that this one or two hours behavior is really superficial. The spouse whom you meet, shows all the smartness and perfection of his personality in that little duration and you deem it same around the clock. The body language, the action, the reaction, the laugh and the cry…all are fake. All the promises, all the swears, all the agreements and all the declarations prove false afterwards or at some stage of life. Many relations fail to be their best even after hundreds of encounters. It is all because life is the process of changing and due to this phenomena people fail to prove themselves as they promise. Their hopes and expectations change with time and no one is responsible for it but the instinct.

It sounds funny but true that boys and girls fall in love because of misunderstanding and breakup when they understand each other. No matter you believe in dating or not, the truth is that, it is not assurance of a good, credible and long going relationship and hence not important for relationship

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