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What Not to do in Dating Relationships

Dating advice for the things you just shouldn’t do on any first date.

When it comes to relationship advice, you all probably know full well what you should do on a date even just by movies and television shows if not real life dating. But it’s the things that we shouldn’t do that are sometimes overlooked. Dating relationships, in the early stages, are fragile and little mistakes can really make or break the relationships. Here is my dating advice of what not to do.

Don’t talk about past relationships: Why go into any new relationships, taking in baggage from your old relationships? If you do end up bringing up your old relationships, make sure you let them know that you are happy that you have moved on.

Stay close to two alcoholic drinks: Dating relationships don’t get very far, for long term, if you’re drunk on your first date!

Don’t ever confess feelings of love on the first date: Relationships must develop for love to be on the cards. Take this relationship advice very seriously otherwise your date will be looking for the exit before the second course is even served!

Don’t discuss personal problems: Complaining about issues in your life is not attractive and certainly no way to try and develop new relationships. If you want to complain and talk it out then maybe your trusting relationship with your therapist is the answer.

Keep desperation in check: In dating relationships, you never want to admit this is the first date you’ve had in months or years. My dating advice for you ladies is to never talk about your future relationship together. It’s just way too soon.

LASTLY don’t make up “facts” about yourself: The truth will come out eventually and ruin chances of any future relationship with your date. Also, after date number 1- go home alone ladies!

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