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Are You a Distant Dater?

Find out if likeability plays a role in how long and effective your relationships are.

So many of us let the thought of love blind us and we forget what it takes to turn dating relationships into successful relationships. The chemistry which was once there has now fizzled out? If so, then you must know that great relationships are built on likeability and not just physical attraction.

Passion takes over early on in relationships, especially dating relationships, so it’s easy to forget about friendship and empathy- which means your likeability skills aren’t being maintained in your loving relationships! No matter how beautiful, sexy, clever or witty you are “the real question you should ask is” Am I likeable in love?

The distant dater is someone who is social and outgoing but keeps their emotional cards close to their chest. This may mean your relationships suffer and just because you have been hurt before in past dating relationships doesn’t mean you should close yourself off from other prospective relationships which could be great relationships waiting to happen!


Ask yourself who you see yourself with and when. Distant daters can choose the wrong partners and unconsciously are avoiding commitment! You have to look into the future and see what type of loving relationships you want from life.

New Relationships

Go over past relationships once. See where it all went wrong and don’t repeat old mistakes. Work on your eye contact, smile and overall body language to reflect likeability.

Long Term Relationships

Be generous with your emotions and teach yourself to be more open. Laugh at his jokes, smile when he says he loves you and find a way to express yourself in a friendly way.

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