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Wedding guest revealing outfit slammed online as ‘trashy’


This weddinggoer looked like she was smuggling in two extra guests. A photo of a woman in a low-cut, breast-exposing frock sparked a major debate on Reddit about appropriate wedding attire and upstaging the bride on her big day.

The woman in question wore a low sapphire dress that exposed her giant chest, and she stood next to the less-endowed bride who wore a minimal white gown.

The photo was shared in the r/trashy Reddit section with the caption, “When you just have to steal the spotlight.” One commenter wrote: “She’s purposefully putting herself in front of the bride and hanging her boobs dead center.”

While a second quipped, “The more you look, the worse it gets.” But there were sympathetic commenters.

“Yeah, she doesn’t really look like she’s actually trying to steal the spotlight. It looks more like she had a few drinks (naturally, it’s a wedding) and wasn’t paying attention to how her pose would look to the camera. Also, alcohol warms you up and so the titty exposure would likely have not been as noticeable to her.”

Another said large-breasted women are treated unfairly. “She can’t help that she has larger breasts. The same dress on a woman with smaller breasts wouldn’t be considered her ‘trying to get attention.’ People are so hyper-critical of busty women it’s sad.”

Some readers called the criticism straight-up misogyny. ‘It’s incredibly trashy to body shame that woman as if her just existing with that anatomy is a call for attention. F*ck you.”

This debate comes in the wake of another boobalicious wedding guest controversy. Influencer Lacey-Jade Christie showed off a short white dress on TikTok back in November and drew online ire.

“I am off to a wedding, here’s my fit,” she wrote showing off the frock with her colorful nails and a pink clutch. The short, white dress did little to support her large chest — something that her social media followers, noted.

“I’d be gutted if someone wore a beach cover-up to my wedding,” wrote one commentator while another added: “Why would you let your friend go out looking a mess.” Others were annoyed at the fact she wore white to a wedding.

“‘WHITE!!!!!!! Girl… only the Bride should wear white,” said one commenter

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