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Vogue-Cover Model Paloma Elsesser Criticized for telling followers Not to ‘Delegitimizes the Palestinian Struggle’

Rallies and marches took place for supporting both sides after the recent growth of the Israeli-Palestinian fight, on social media platforms with flaring tensions erupting.

In January model Paloma Elsesser, known for appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine has found herself supporting fire for counterbalancing in on the Israeli-Palestinian fight.

According to the report of Daily Mail after hitting 342,000 followers on Instagram Paloma Elsesser British-born Swiss-American, 29, who has modeled for Nike and Mercedes-Benz saw Indian-Jewish student writer Anna Rajagopal which hit the post to that platform.

The comment, posted to Elsesser’s Instagram stories, stated: “delegitimize the Palestinian struggle”. whether message directed against posting anti-Semitism before thinking it.

Elsesser was instantly thumped on Instagram for the post.
“You know nothing about Israel about Palestinians or Jews. Stay out of our affairs if you aren’t going to educate yourself,”

Another was cited as stating that:

“You’re the biggest anti-Semite’, ‘Get it through your head, anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. You use your platform to divide. It’s disgusting, you should be ashamed.’ After that Elsesser found herself criticized for apparently “spreading lies”.

Days earlier having said that supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid likewise triggered a firestorm with their now-deleted post-Instagram post that stated truthfully Israel was not a country, but rather a “land settled by colonizers”.

On 20 May The exchange of rocket attacks and airstrikes between the sides was halted as an Egypt-mediated truce was struck. Bella, 24, and Gigi, 26, have both revealed their support for the Palestinian cause and have shared in marches and protests in Bay Ridge amid the inevitable tit-for-tat hits among Israel and Hamas for 11days.

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