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Celine Dion’s sister shares the singer is fighting tooth and nail to ‘recover’ from rare disease

Celine Dion
Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage

After Celine Dion’s shocking revelation last December regarding her stiff person syndrome diagnosis, fans worldwide have been anxiously waiting for updates on the iconic singer’s health. Now, in an eye-opening interview with HELLO! Canada, Celine’s sister Claudette provides a deeper look into the singer’s ongoing battle.

This rare neurological disorder forced Celine to halt her world tour, leaving many fans heartbroken. Claudette paints a picture of a warrior when describing her sister’s spirit, saying, “Celine is pushing boundaries to recover. Her strength knows no limits.”

The uncertainty of the disease, which currently has no specific cure, only treatments to potentially slow its progression, has made the family’s journey all the more challenging. Claudette adds, “Dealing with the spasms that are impossible to control makes us feel helpless.”

Highlighting the family’s collective efforts to help Celine, Claudette expressed the profound pain they feel: “There’s minimal we can do to ease her suffering.”

With hope being a beacon of light, Claudette mentioned, “We’re praying day and night that breakthroughs in research will provide a solution for this dire disease.”

Throughout this trying time, Celine’s fanbase’s unyielding support and outpouring of love have acted as a pillar of strength, reaffirming the bond between the superstar and her global following.

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