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91-Year-Old Hampton Math Tutor Resumes Tutoring After Brain Surgery Recovery

Mrs Spencer
Photo: Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab / Facebook

For many, age can define limits. But for Delores Spencer, age simply adds to her story of resilience.

Attributing her long life to an active lifestyle, a nutritious diet, and deep faith, the 91-year-old said, “Stay active or you’ll become inactive. That’s my philosophy.”

For numerous years, Spencer has been a beacon of knowledge for students, not just in Hampton Roads but globally, sharing her passion for math.

“It’s always been about the joy of teaching,” Spencer revealed. “Nothing beats the moment a student finally understands.”

News 3 highlighted Mrs. Spencer’s innovative online tutoring sessions through ‘Mrs. Spencer’s Math Lab’ on Facebook three years ago during the COVID-19 peak.

One of her many students, Jadyn Wilson of Texas, recalls, “Her passion for math is contagious. The clarity she brings is invaluable.”

Wilson, who attributes her college admissions and scholarship offers to Mrs. Spencer’s guidance, added, “It’s a unique blend to find someone who not only has the skill to teach but genuinely loves math. And at 91, she’s living proof.”

However, the journey wasn’t always smooth. Nearly two years ago, an unfortunate fall resulted in brain surgery for Mrs. Spencer. The aftermath left her relearning basic life skills.

“It felt like starting from scratch. I needed help even to eat,” shared an emotional Spencer. Yet, her spirit remained undeterred, calling her recovery “a series of blessings.”

Although she’s hesitant about returning to Facebook for her sessions, her commitment to tutoring remains unshaken. Her drive? The ambition to live a fulfilling life till at least 100, “If it’s in God’s plan,” she added with a smile.

Currently, she’s guiding one student and is optimistic about expanding her student list in the near future.

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