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Trump Was Right When He Warned Us About Biden’s Radical Plan to Destroy America

Trump warned us about what Biden would do…and once again, he was 100 percent right…

Packing the court, reparations, gun control, flooding the country will illegals, looking at getting rid of the filibuster, climate change spending disguised as infrastructure… the list goes on and on…

Trump warned us all about a radical Biden presidency and he was right.

To be fair, it wasn’t a hard prediction to make. The radical democrats told us what they were planning all along but the media (and Biden) pretended that Old Joe was a moderate. 

That may be true but Old Joe is not in charge. Obama is. And what Obama wants, Obama is getting. 

I doubt Joe is in charge of what he’s having for lunch let alone being the mastermind of the current progressive plans to destroy capitalism, law and order, the electoral process, the Constitution and our freedoms.

Trump warned everyone during the campaign about what Biden would be doing. In his RNC speech in August 2020, Trump told us “If given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness.”

That’s certainly true. Biden is well on his way.

Biden is fed his lines about what to say in public by his Chief of Staff (Obama’s go-between). He’s a guy named Ron Klain. He’s running the day-to-day operations which is why you don’t know his name and probably have never see him. They want to keep him under wraps.

Susan Rice is also at the top of the puppet presidency and getting Obama’s work done for him – as well as all of the other Obama alumni and also the new leftists on board. 

Biden knows just enough about what’s going on to get him by. He’s able to regurgitate the radical phrases he hears from those around him whether they are true or not, telling us there are no “absolute” rights in the Constitution and repeating lying talking points about the changes in the Georgia voting laws.

When a Democrat tells you that you don’t have absolute rights, you need to pay attention. That is a warning to everyone that the Democrats won’t abide by the Constitution, whether it means they’ll write Executive Orders, they’ll legislate your rights out of existence by packing the Supreme Court or getting rid of the filibuster – or they’ll just ignore the Constitution all together because who will stop them?

And certain rights are more ignored than others. 

The Second Amendment is always a favorite of theirs to attack. 

Our freedom to worship has been under attack more and more lately, especially under COVID-19 restrictions because that has been an easy avenue to shut down churches. 

Even though most Republicans knew that Biden would be a puppet of the leftists as President, the fake news media like CNN lied about it constantly. A July 2020 article was titled “Trump wants America to believe Biden is a radical leftist. It’s a tough sell.”

Yes, it might have been a tough sell – but only because the media was constantly lying about it. 

Are Democrats actually socialist radicals who are willing to do whatever they need to do to stay in power? Yes. 

Is Biden on board with them? Yes.

How about ramming through A COVID-19 relief bill with hardly any COVID-19 relief? Yes, Biden is on board with that.

How about ramming through an “infrastructure” bill with only 6% of infrastructure in the bill? Yes, Biden is on board with that.

Ruling America by Executive Order? Yes, Biden is on board with that.

Biden campaigned as everyone’s low key unassuming grandfather – someone who could act presidential and save us all from the pandemic. Because he hadn’t been a radical progressive his 50 years in government, that was an easy lie to sell.

The leftists are very excited about what’s happening. They think they have a good scheme going on with their puppet President. He’s being “transformative” like they wanted, not transitional, not a “bridge” or bipartisan like he promised. 

Not a President for everyone. 

It was all lies. 

With Executive Orders and reconciliation, Biden can continue to be the President for the leftists and get fawning press.

He will do what Obama tells him to do because the whole bait-and-switch game is working swimmingly for the Democrats right now.

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