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Donald Trump Gave A Wedding Speech At Mar-A-Lago, Spent It Ranting Against Joe Biden

TMZ obtained a video featuring former President Donald Trump speaking at a wedding reception at Mar-a-Lago, talking about his favorite subject: himself.  Trump was fixated on President Joe Biden, the man that defeated him in both the electoral and popular vote. Trump started by fear-mongering about the Southern border even though there’s a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border every two or three years.

And who wouldn’t like the featured speaker at their wedding reception to go off in campaign mode to talk about immigrants coming into the United States? That’s very romantic, don’t you think? It makes one wonder (not really) about what Donald whispers in Melania’s ears to try to lure her into his bedroom. They do have separate bedrooms, by the way. And now we know one of the many reasons why. He probably starts talking about a surge of scary people roaming across our border to get her in the mood.

“Check out this video we got of the former President all tux’d up for a reception that went down Saturday night at Trump’s fortress of solitude, Mar-a-Lago, where the former chief himself got on the mic at one point to say a few words for the happy couple, John and Megan Arrigo … but this speech would have nothing to do with the couple… it’s all about him,” TMZ reports.

Before everyone knew it, he was launching into politics … singing the same ol’ song about false claims the election was rigged,” the outlet adds.


What a great moment for Mr. and Mrs. Arrigo to look fondly back on during each wedding anniversary. At any rate, as Donald tore into Biden, the President has delivered on his promise of 100 million vaccines getting into Americans’ arms in 100 days, and he did it 40 days early.

President Biden’s next goal is for 200 million vaccines in that same time frame. Trump, on the other hand, surrendered to the coronavirus without even putting up a fight. So, sure, we understand why he’s jealous. Trump lied to the American people about the pandemic, but do go off.

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