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Vacation Spots of 2011

At the end of every summer everyone men, women or kids are asked the same question ‘what did you do this summer?’ or ‘where did you go?’ we are here to guide you so that you can enjoy the vacation in the most amazing way and got to have a really awe-inspiring and splendid answer.

Italy/Rome Vacation Spots

Rome Italy Coliseum

Rome Italy Pics

Rome Italy
Rome comes in the list of top ten most visited cities of the world. It has so much to watch from thousands years of human history to roman coliseum, the forum, the Fontana di trevi and the list goes on and on. And also not to forget the Vatican city and the great delicious Italian wine.

Though being in the world most top city it brings some good points and also some disadvantages. Where it has so many things to watch and some really tempting food and drink to enjoy but the worst part is that place is always crowded with tourists which makes it more like a stampede.

Dubai/United Arab Emirates Vacation Spots


Dubai Images

Dubai Pics
Dubai is the world 8th most visited country and around 6.9 million visitors are estimated to visit the country around the year. It has the world tallest building and world’s most expensive hotel.

This country was built out of nothing and now it has the first manmade island called Palm Island and indoor ski slope built in the middle of the desert and much, much more waiting for you to see.

France/Paris Vacation Spots

Paris Eiffel Tower

Paris Pics
It is the world’s most visited country with an estimation of 15.6 million visitors visiting every year. It is the first country that comes into everyone’s mind when talking about visiting Europe. It is the world’s finest country with brilliant art galleries, museums, striking cafes, stunning churches and much more.

Famous places such as Notre dame and Eiffel tower are most visited from the entire place. There are a lot of festivals happening in this part of the year which is also another way to enjoy the vacation and see the beauty of the city.

UK/London Vacation Spots


London Pics

London Vacation spots Pictures
London is the 2nd most visited city of the world with an estimation of almost 14.8 Million visitors visiting every year. It is a very famous about London that nobody every bored of this place there are so many things to see there from oxford street to Buckingham palace, Hyde Park, London eye and a lot more.

This is the best place for the families visiting the city. It is best option for vacations. This city is full of parks and museums. When you are visiting the city, don’t forget to visit the palace’s garden. It has 30 different species of birds and 350 different species of wild flowers. Also read here Top five Cheap Vacation Spots.

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