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Stylish Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Stylish Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Craft

Christmas gift wrapping requires the creativity. How one put up the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and add meaning should be noticed by the taker and bust be outstanding. The shinny, metallic wrappers with combination of laces, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers and leaves give artistic appeal to the gift, However metals in shades of gold, silver, steel grey, copper, bronze can further add beauty to the gift when combined with the beads vary in design of dots, patterns, strips, blocks etc. Multiple pieces of gift wrappers in different funky and chunky shades of yellow, red, khaki, pink, grey with metal beads, stones, ribbon strips, small greeting cards can make the package complete and look decent .

1. Glittery Papers, Ribbons and Greeting Card

Craft papers or glittery local papers turn out to be good quality paper, a simple ribbon, a lot of natural embellishment can be made, the use of fresh leaves, money plants leave, clipping from garden can use as decorative tool.Daily newspapers (local/ foreign/ japans /Chinese), magazines, article can be used in unusual way to wrap the gift with other bold color wrappers or chart paper cuttings. This will indeed give it an Epic appeal. It’s a simple and lovely way to present the gift in unique way. The scrap book paper, colored tissue papers in pastel shade Can be utilize to wrap bottle and then tie with a fine thin ribbon, a small greeting card can further be hanged with use of ribbon.

2. Layering Gift Papers

Different theme and layering of tissue paper give it subtle and refined image. Tin foil, silver foil paper can look greater when attached with a motive on top of it, the motive with embroidery, cut work, hand woven, woolen, carved with stones and beads etc. Different spare of tissue paper make it look, rainbow color spare tissue can be coupled altogether and tie up with the rope or a string can give eye catchy look.

3. Color Combination

Even more exclusive and accentuate look can be given to the gift, use of vibrant loud color like deep maroon, hot red, shocking pink, ash white .The patterns, solid themes, strips, livings dots can add essence in gift outlook. Wrapping a gift with chiffon ribbons give it classier and refined look.

4. Colorful Fabric Wrapping

Colored pieces of cloth can be used to tie up the knot, even jeans fabric, velvet and wool can be utilized in the differentiated way. Paper panels, ribbons give the colorful twist and make the gift look like a lolly pop appeal. However, a look alike toffee “tootsie roll” can be made simple bows tie up at the end of the twist and presented to your beloved on this auspicious occasion of celebrations. Wool, fur, velvet, leftover yarn, ribbon, can be rolled around solid color wrappers. Try to use pastel colors in selecting the fabric because it stand out on bright color wrappers.

5. Wax and Candles

Colourful wax and candles can be used to make waves and layers on wrapper and colorful sprays further add glorious look. Goody bags and button shaped boxes can also be an added alternative. Wood grain wrapping paper are unique in giving shiny and sometimes dusky rough look .even the spices like cinnamon, cloves, star, anise, cardamom and saffron can be placed surrounding the delicate gift in wooden or velvety box.

6. Use Spare Pieces

Jingle bells, door bells, embroidery laces  shimmery net pieces, spare pieces of bed sheets, rick rack towels, ink pads can be attached with gift wrapper. Paper or cloth handbags can be decorated with velvet leaves, buttons,flowers, metal stones; stones like pearls give a refreshing and blooming touch to the gift.

7. Flash Cards or Numbers

The bin numbers “numbers” “alphabets” tags can be attached on gift wrapper, these flash cards will be the unique preposition in wrapping gift. Furthermore, text pages stickers and stamps can add significant value to gift.

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