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Summer Honeymoon Travel

Summer Honeymoon Travel

Travel tips for the ideal honeymoon spots in the Summer.

The summer is rolling around and if you just got married Hooray! This is a wonderful time for international travel for your honeymoon. I bring to you travel tips about luxury travel around the summer months and on your honeymoon you want to be in the right travel destination at the right time of year! See my travel tips and travel guide for honeymooners.


Travel Tips: Luxury travel in this month should take you to Malaysia! The weather is a pleasant mix of sunshine and very light showers. Avoid travel to this country in September when more rainfall is seen.

Travel Guide: Go to The Datai, Langkawi for your honeymoon, as it’s nestled pristine rainforest leading down to a private white sand beach, The Datai Langkawi is one of the best Malaysian travel resort experiences in Langkawi! This luxury travel location will surely create mystery, romance and special memories. Trust me when I say it’s a truly romantic destination.

Alternative Travel Destinations: My travel tips would be to try out New Zealand for skiing or Northern or Southern Europe and Peru.

International Travel to avoid: Travel spots to miss in this month include Thailand, as it’s raining as well as Dubai because this luxury travel hotspot is just too boiling to enjoy properly. With the likelihood of hurricanes in Florida, I suggest you stay away


Travel Tips: If you’re thinking of a European honeymoon then the weather is till good but if you want to adventure a little further a field then why not give Bermuda, a go? Travel tips for anyone wanting a relaxing honeymoon, beach holiday would be to pack a swimsuit and hop on a plane to Bermuda!

Travel Guide: Go to Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda, which is one of the most romantic areas in Bermuda with it’s charming and pretty cottage style accommodation. Luxury travel at its best with pink sandy beaches, luxurious rooms and a brilliant spa make this resort in Bermuda an ideal honeymoon location.

Alternative Travel Destinations: If history and culture are more your cup of tea, then travel to Egypt. Mauritius is also an ideal honeymooning travel spot, as well as lively Califorina, USA.

International Travel to avoid: If you don’t want to land up in the middle of a hurricane for your honeymoon, then my travel tips are to avoid Florida and the Carribean.

Wherever you choose to go to for your honeymoon, do remember to follow my travel tips and travel guide for which locations to avoid!

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