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Toddler’s Reaction to Being Caught Feeding the Dogs Is the Cutest: “Move along, please”

toddler play with puppy
Photo Credit: Tatiana Syrikova / Pexels

She tried to con her mom!

We’ve all heard the expression “dogs are a man’s best friend,” but it turns out they’re also a toddler’s best buddy! Just ask mother and TikTok user @jadelouise.91 if you don’t believe us. She just caught her small girl sneaking bites of her lunch to her friends, and the family dogs and TikTok are now obsessed.

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As per Yahoo reports, the only thing cuter than the toddler feeding the dogs is the girl’s reaction when she realized she had been caught. Fortunately, Mom had a camera with her during the ordeal.

LOL! Jade’s daughter is hilarious. She certainly likes bonding with the dogs, but we’re not sure how she feels about lunch. Oh well! It’s just like @wannabeseemydog commented on the video, “at least the puppies are enjoying this food.” We’re sure they’re grateful for it, too.

“Mum, you saw NOTHING,” joked @downhilldemon50_. “Move along, please.” Haha! That reaction seems like it would be spot-on for this little girl, but she didn’t seem to make much of a fuss at all. In fact, she seems to be enjoying the moment, bonding with her dogs.

Her mom replied, “hahahahah literally she’s so cheeky.”

I’m not joking! She’ll be the finest little helper when it comes time to give the dogs a reward since she likes feeding them so much. But good luck getting her to eat her own lunch, Jade!

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