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This is the world’s first face transplant in a Black patient

Plastic surgeons experienced many of these unique challenges with the world’s first successful face transplant in a Black patient.

Years ago, Robert Chelsea, unfortunately, lost most of his face in a car crash in Los Angeles, but now Chelsea has a new face.

Chelsea has become the world’s first patient that is black and has successfully received a face transplant.

During an interview with BBC, Chelsea said that it’s “so rare to find a Black face [for transplant. We didn’t know how rare it was.” Additionally, the plastic surgeons experienced more complications post-surgery due to his darker skin.

According to lead surgeon Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, director of plastic surgery transplantation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, “On a white patient, you can see redness as a sign of infection or a sign of rejection.

In African American patients, you can’t really tell. The redness is very subtle, if at all possible to notice.” If you are interested in reading more about this incredible success story,.

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